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In virtual world advertising – it had to happen

ingame ads in san fran

While roaming through San Francisco using Microsoft’s virtual earth, I saw this humongous billboard, planted by the MSFT people pushing local pizza (and local yellow pages ads)  – clickable.

This is the expected next step in the growing in-game adverting trend. Not a hype, now a reality, putting ads in virtual worlds, whether retail games, MMO or real world browsers or plain virtual worlds.  

Its where the future battle of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo will happen.

Join them, innovate or hide.


virtual worlds news

WWF       Hey Chris, Hey Joey !

Thanks for writing about us.  See you in San Jose.


The most important part of any company is hiring. Good hiring can make or break the company, can bring or kill investments and overall put the company in the “top 10” lists or “dead, buried and forgotten” fields.

Game development in Israel is a new thing. When we started out, we based our hiring assumptions on two facts:

A > Israel is very strong in internet services and technologies.

B> Israel has a lot to learn when it comes to game production

To our delight we found that when it comes to art, game art, things are better then expected. In the last few years a few artists that worked in international developers and publishers came back to Israel. I am happy to say we have just hired one of them as Art Director last week. We’ll tell more about that soon.

We are about to hire a few more key executives, more on that very soon.

door bellO.. and we just put a new door bell in the new office !! (see picture attached)

Elron joins the Journey

Today is the day. The Secret is out. Elron, is choosing to enter the media market by investing in Journeys.

We are happy and honored.