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The New Entertainment ?

More verbose than usual today.

We just spotted a great point from Michael Eisenberg Blog regarding what you and young adult audiences are interested in. Focus on:
The salient point in my mind that emerged today is that younger people today are more interested in other people rather than packaged and produced entertainment. They want to do things with friends, hear from them, share with them and find ever-more ways to interact with them. 

Yes. This is obviously the great wave. Its UGC. Its social media and social networks in reticular. It’s the mini feed and statuses in our IMs and Facebook(s). It is all over and people just can’t get enough.

It is fun and its time consuming. A true entertainment for the new generation.


Earth Shots



What a wonderful place. Its big, its great and once you move 50 miles off from your chair and desktop computer, you can see great things.


Photocritic just published a great “top 12” photos from Earth Shots. What a wonderful place we live in




Congratulations Assaf !


We really are bad at updating this Blog.

One thing we can not overlook is the celebrations of Assaf’s Wedding. Assaf, one of the founders and our chief creative got married yesterday to Noam . It was a great party, dancing and alcohol. Needless to say, today people in the office where taking it slow, eyes half shut and smiling. Good thing our weekend starts today for everyone to recover. Assaf and Noam, from all of us at Journeys, we wish you happiness and prosperity.

(PS Assaf, its time to update your relationship status on Facebook ;)