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Happy 2008 !


Once again NORAD tracks Santa, as he flying over our Earth, brining joy and gifts to everyone. This year their “Google Earth” layer is better, check it out !

It is a great way to connect geo, fun and content.

From all of us at Journeys, have a great Holiday season and a remarkable 2008 !


Bill Gurley rocks (again)

Benchmark Capital partner Bill Gurley said the real problem is simply that “We’re all getting old.” Addressing a group of investors, .”…..A number of people past the age of 37 are completely like your grandparents who got offended when they saw Elvis on TV shaking his hips.”


We are in Media Week

We got a mention (a big one) at Media Week !

Lightspeed with a new article on asynchronous play.

Lightspeed with a new article on asynchronous play.

I liked this quote:

Part of the appeal of MMOGs (whether World of Warcraft or Puzzle Pirates) is knowing that you’re “in game” with thousands of other people at the same time, each of them interacting with the same universe that you are.

How can we make you “feel” that you are part of something big, without spending all that time playing online ?

We are working hard to do just that.