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Codename Journeys Opens it’s Sandbox Version


Ladies and Gentlemen,

After a year in the making, we decided to open the Journeys world for everyone.

We are happy to Introduce the mirror world of Journeys .  As of today you can go to and register.
Journeys is a social world themed by real world trips.  We mashed Yahoo! Maps, Pictures from Flickr and more to create a casual virtual world that bridge to the real one we know and love.


Journeys is still in its Sandbox version.
That means you can find the world, players and the basic world mechanics in place.

In this version you can:

  • Choose your character and house
  • Move between cities, houses and attractions
  • Land in 6 selected landmarks , move and chat
  • Communicate with other players via an inbox, chat and a buddy list
  • Send your character to trips (that happen while you are offline)

One of our unique advantages is that your character continue to travel, get to places and meet people even when you are offline. They write travel trips via the journal and email, that you can later check.

Journeys is still without any missions (although we highly recommend going on offline trips), games or other content tools that we planed to have in. It is also without any advertising (for now) :) .


As you’ll see – Journeys is a great down-to-earth social and fun environment for people who just love travel and world social encounters. It is also a great start for an experiential marketing tool for the travel industry (think trip sharing, promotions).

We give Journeys to you “as-is” and would love to get your feedback, comments and ideas.


We are actively looking for ways to finance Journeys’ development and continue it. We are happy to look into partnerships, distribution and if you want to scoop the IP and team, let’s talk as well. Part of the reason we decided to open Journeys is our belief that sharing our project can support our development by feedbacks and interest.

So please – spread the word – tell your friends about us. Share and enjoy.


This post is also a great time to thank the entire excellent team that worked and works on this project. Assaf, Sharon, Matty, Ido, Lena, Yulia, Igor, Sefi, Nat, Giora, Elad, Asia, Yaniv, Lior, Guy, Nitzan and many others who helped and gave us tips – we love you guys !



Events: Israel Web Tour and DLD


We are very excited and proud to announce that Journeys was chosen to be one of 15 other great Israeli companies to participate in this year’s Israel Web Tour. We are planning to show an alpha version of Journeys behind closed doors.

See you in the bay area Feb 3rd to 9th.


We will also be in Munich for DLD starting January 20th

Coming up: GDC !